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Video Game Invention


Pridwen is operated by multiple executives with a combined 40 years of experience in web-based platforms and brand asset management.



Experienced Management

Edward Kim


Edward is responsible for business expansion and the foundational development of Pridwen’s Digital Asset Security Platform. As a passionate technology enthusiast, Edward attended the Wyoming hack-a-thon where the Pridwen concept was vetted. He understood the need for gamers to secure their gamer-tag as a digital asset within the growing esports industry. He has spent the past two years working with Digital Assets along with developing the market leading platform for Pridwen.

Prior to the founding of Pridwen, Edward had been developing software for 12 years. He has founded and acted as CEO for various start-up companies in Idaho, Wyoming, Massachusetts, and India. Edward’s experience as a software consultant with Fortune 500 financial institutions has included creating and leading the development of their core Frameworks app. Edward worked to unify the core design throughout the entire application. It is one of the highest rated apps in its field.

Edward's passion for esports led him to become a principal donor of the Boise State University Esports Arena and Gaming Center. He has gained an abundance of industry knowledge as a result of his involvement within the Gamepants Arena Project at Boise State University.

You will receive the best service from Pridwen's client services staff as they are experienced in the digital asset management space and well versed in the Wyoming digital asset laws.

Pridwen is located in Wyoming, allowing us to closely track the new digital asset laws. We also work within close proximity to the lawyers and lawmakers involved in this new legislation. 

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