Why do I need to own my gaming identity as a digital asset?

As a gamer, your gamertag is your identity. You've invested a lot of time building up value into your tag through countless hours of game play, streaming and self-promotion. Unfortunately, just having a gamertag on a gaming platform doesn’t do much to protect its value. Securing your tag on our quantum ledger adds property rights protection to your tag similar to a physical asset, and Pridwen’s proprietary validation process guarantees to others that your gamertag belongs only to you.

What kind of protection can you offer?

By converting your gamertag into a digital asset we offer comprehensive gamertag, gamer identity, and dispute protection. If you are looking to secure your ownership of your gamertag, you need to sign up for Pridwen.

How are you able to offer this service?

First-of-their-kind laws in the state of Wyoming allow for digital assets to be registered, stored, and considered digital property. Pridwen leverages these new laws to ensure that once you register your gamertag with us your asset and any financial gain you make from it is legally considered your property.

What happens if wait to register my asset?

Although Pridwen’s ownership verification process for gamertag assets are comprehensive, another gamer who uses the same tag on another gaming platform may register their tag before you. Like an internet domain name, gamertags are unique and are subject to first-to-file rules. We recommend that you register your tag as soon as possible.

Why would I consider trademarking my asset?

You can add an optional layer of protection to your asset by also registering your gamertag with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). By taking this step, you gain protection at a federal level in the event that someone uses your name in a particular class (area of business line such as merchandise, entertainment services, telecommunications, etc. (Basic information about Trademark protection can be found here.) For example, a cease and desist letter can be sent to anyone violating your trademark. Pridwen does not require you to trademark your asset but provides the option for you to take the extra step to better protect your brand.

How does Pridwen help me manage my digital asset?

Pridwen registers your tag as a digital asset within the state of Wyoming. Once the registration process is complete, your gamertag will be recognized as a digital asset throughout the United States. If you elect to register your gamertag as a trademark, you will be protected by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well.

Where can I view the Wyoming digital asset laws?

The law can be viewed in its entirety here: https://www.wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2019/SF0125

Trademark Limitations and Exceptions

If you choose to register your gamertag with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) through Pridwen, a large global law firm will handle your registration for a discounted rate. The experienced law firm will assign your case to a professional trademark attorney.

Trademarks can offer a second line of defense in the face of gaming identity theft. However, you must make sure your asset is eligible to be registered. To obtain a trademark, your gamertag must be in use for commerce. Examples of usage include but are not limited to products branded with your gamertag that are sold online or offline and intend to generate revenue. Additionally, tags that are generic in nature or include your name or likeness may also not meet USPTO requirements.

Lastly, in order obtain trademark status, your gamertag must be clear of any infringements. We recommend you run a Google search on your gamertag to see if there are others that may be using your name within similar platforms. If someone else uses your gamertag on a platform like Twitch, this may limit your ability to register your gamertag as a trademark.

How does Pridwen validate ownership of a gamertag?

Pridwen uses a proprietary, and comprehensive muliti-step validation process to verify accounts. When registering an account, a user must validate their account through a verification process that requires the user to provide a primary and a secondary form of identification to become a verified account. Once the verification process is complete the account is activated for gamertag asset submission. When gamertags are submitted we verify in-game that the account gamertag is both active and associated with the user regestering the tag. Once the second verification has completed the tag is registered and secured.

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