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You love to game.  You spend hours a day building your in-game progress and reputation.  You have used the same gamertag for years and in some realms, you may be better known by your tag than your actual name.  Your gamertag is very much you... it’s your brand, you have earned it. 


Maybe you’re aspiring to get a college esports scholarship, or to go pro one day.  Maybe you want to start a steaming career, or maybe you’ve already made it.  How can you protect your brand and the value you have built with your gamertag?  

That's where we come in.

Leveraging first-of-their-kind digital asset laws, Pridwen is the first company to offer digital asset ownership of your gamertag.  This means that what was once just a way to differentiate players can now become a digital asset class. Your gamertag, once registered, comes complete with every legal protection granted a digital asset.


Like saving your game progress, all the countless hours of grinding, streaming, and promoting your gamertag brand becomes a method of growing your Digital Asset.  The possibilities of asset growth are only limited by your determination.


Once you and your asset are verified and registered with Pridwen, you will have a one-of-a-kind digital asset of your gamertag. Never before has there been a way to take your brand with you wherever you go.


Whether your gamer career takes you to the pro circuit, as an amateur player, or a casual gamer with a stacked account full of the best in-game skins and unlockables, you’ll be glad you took the opportunity to invest in your digital asset.


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